Let’s begin.

So tonight I decided I will begin the journey that I have put off for a very long time. Putting words to paper, well not so much paper anymore. Let’s be realistic, we rarely read paper anymore. 

As long as I can remember, I have kept journals. There was just something that attracted me to writing. Though I may not be the best or anywhere near becoming a famous writer, I loved to write. I can remember keeping small journals as a child, filling them with all my inner thoughts and feelings. Many times they were filled with words that I would never have shared. I guess maybe it was a way to release some of it from my mind and put it away. I could empty my mind and then leave those thoughts on paper. I could close that book, seal it and tuck it away from me and everyone else. It was safe. Whether I had a pad lock secured on my book of thoughts or carefully tucked a journal deep between my mattresses, It was safe and I felt good about it.


As a young adult, I convinced myself that one day I will use my love for pen and paper to entertain, encourage and motivate others. I promised myself that I would write. Not always something easy to accomplish. Life has always placed these wonderful obstacles and at times, even road blocks that prevented me from devoting time to paper and pen. Of course I was always waiting for my fairytale life of fun, friends, and a writing career. I was determined to have that “Sex in the City” writing career and become the voice for millions of women just like me. Mine just slightly different. I had those darn obstacles and road blocks. Teen pregnancy, single mother, and of course the need to pay bills.
Looking back at it all, I gave so much to write about. Clearly not as exciting as the romance between “Carey and Mr. BIG”, but there have been some pretty exciting moments.
So, here it goes. My story begins. Paper and pen. Let’s begin!


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